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Cat collar Magenta

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This unique beaded cat collar will be the nice accessory and comfortable collar for your cat due to its' light weight and soft cord it is hand made with. Together with a tinker bell and a tag our cat collar weights just about 20 gram!

The size of 26 cm fits a bit loosely and comfortable for most of the cats of regular size. For the cats of larger or smaller sizes there are the options of 23-29cm cm sizes to choose. 

To be sure in your choice of the size we recommend to measure your cat neck, a bit loose, not too tight. Choosing a larger size without measurement can result in the cat collar being too big. 

❗️For using the CollarCrafts cat collar with your leash, please choose the option "Leash-suitable".


To add your personalized TAG with the name and your phone number for more safety of your cat please cick here.
Please note, that with purchasing our cat collars - the TAG is NOT included in the item. 
A personalized TAG with the name and your phone number for a cat collar is OPTIONAL and highly recommended to add in your order. It will ensure your kitty to be quickly found back if he suddenly escapes from home or loses his way home form free walking. 

  • Cat collar
  • Handmade item.
  • High-quality wooden beads ⌀ 12 mm with protecting topcoat
  • PPM cord 
  • Cat safe buckle
  • Stainless steel tinker bell 
  • Very light weight
  • Excellent dirt & weather resistance
  • Durable
  • Design look
  • Made in Belgium

*The colors on your screen can differ from the real colors