About our dog collars

The gorgeous beaded design of our CollarCrafts collars adds uniqueness and style to your dog.

Every CollarCrafts dog collar is of premium quality, it is safedurable and unbreakable, it's made individually for your dog to be used both as an every-day dog collar or as a dog accessory for a special occasion.

Our collars are practically unbreakable. For different collar sizes, we use also different hardware to ensure safety, durability & comfort of your dog.

🛠The main constructive base of our dog collar is a stainless steel cable which is fixed by stainless steel ferrules with heavy duty tools. The ferrules ensure unbreakable connections.

The stainless steel cables we use are of two different diameters. In the dog collars for medium and large dogs there is a cable which carries up to 230 kg. Using two or three lines of the cable makes our dog collar double or triple so strong and as a result just unbreakable. In the dog collars for small dogs we use stainless steel cable with a bit smaller diameter, this cable carries till 140 kg.

The attaching points in every our dog collar are covered by special protection for esthetic view and comfort of your dog. 

⚪️ One more basic detail of our dog collars are the specially selected wooden beads, all finished with extra protecting topcoat for longer life time. The beads are waterproof and sustain heavy use very well.

We use wooden beads of 10, 12, 15, 20 & 25 mm in diameter. The beads sizes are listed in the description to every dog collar.

For the ultimate comfort of your small dog, we would recommend you to choose the collars, which are made with the beads maximum 15mm in diameter, you can also use "Small" in the search button 🔍. But of course it's based only on your preference and taste!

For toy dog breed you may also choose our cat collars with the option "Leash suitable". Please leave an extra note for us if the cat collars will be used for a dog. For more details please read here.

If you have a dog of medium or large size, you can choose any dog collar.


 ⛓The closure in your CollarCrafts dog collar you choose from three styles

  • "O" ring style
  • martingale
  • with a buckle lock


"O" ring style

dog collar CollarCrafts

This is a slip collar. The construction of an O-ring dog collar is fixed unbreakable on a single stainless steel ring. This dog collar gives more of a "necklace" look. This type of collar is to be used both as a tag collar or as a regular collar. 

We also make O-ring closure in our Tag collars / ID collars for dogs


dog collar collarcrafts

Martingale is also a slip collar, it allows for a slight shortening and lengthening. This style dog collar gives more control over your dog without shocking impact. Also, martingale is recommended for dogs who have almost or no difference in between the sizes of head and neck, or who have the habit to slip out of a regular collar.  

In our Martingale dog collars we use stainless steel half-check chains made in UK. More detailed info over Martingale please read in our article "What is martingale". 


dog collar collarcrafts

Our buckle styled dog collars is a classic type of collar, which is made to be used also as your usual every-day collar. We use the best quality Alu-Max™ patented aluminum high-quality buckles for our dog collars. For different dog sizes we use different sizes of buckles.

Alu-Max™ are twice as strong as most plastic buckles on the market today, and much lighter than metal buckles. More details you will find in our article "Buckles we use".


All the materials we use are made in the EU or UK.


With every collar, you receive a stainless steel tag 23x20 mm, laser engraved with our logo. You can also personalize your tag, please see the option in our shop.