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Our buckles

In our CollarCrafts buckle dog collars we use only Alu-Max™ patented aluminum high-quality buckles. 

Alu-Max™ buckles are designed and made in Germany. They are much stronger than plastic buckles and much lighter than metal buckles. Manufacturer-guaranteed loading of minimum 250 kg of straight pull, light weight and beautiful look of these buckles - that is why we chose them for our dog collars.

We also invented additional details on the buckle attachment design to prevent the central stainless steel cord from slipping to the side and retain its original aesthetic appearance. Even with a very active and strong dog your dog collar will stay the same solid for a very long time.

Product specifications:

  • Light-weight aluminum
  • Two colors: Satin-look or finished with Matt Black, powder-coated.
  • Safe side-release
  • Over 250 kg straight pull!
  • The best quality
  • Patented