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Hello, welcome to CollarCrafts!

Here you will find unique handcrafted dog and cat collars, inspired by nature and all made in a luxury beaded design.

My handmade pet collars are designed with love for your furry friends, selecting only the highest quality wooden beads, stainless steel hardware and using professional tools. Any item can be custom designed to fit the needs of your dog or cat. 

I am Olga from Bruges, Belgium, I am a craft maker and animal lover. All my life I’ve been surrounded by animals and make everything using my own hands. I have Belarussian roots, so it's just in our blood - a love for nature and handcrafting.

My grandpa was great with his hands and loved animals, so I definitely inherited this passion from him. As a child I loved helping him in his workroom at his farm. In a way I preferred hammers and skill saws rather than dolls:)... Many years later I  graduated with an Oil Refining Technologist Diploma. After that for several years, I worked as a Sales Manager of professional electric tools. So my passion for working with heavy duty tools got its' technical base, which still gives me the possibility to experiment in quality handcrafting.

I love uniqueness in everything. And what can be more unique than something handmade?

Three years ago we got a new family member -a Golden Retriever called Sam. When his growing period stopped, I started to make my own dog collars for him.

My idea was to create a collar, which would be beautiful, unique, durable enough for everyday use and safe to be attached to a leash without the need to use an additional traditional boring collar... I have tried and tested several ideas and made a lot of different variations. I love natural materials, so my choice was naturally, wooden beads. 

My dog was my first test-driver, he is a big boy at over 40 kg, he is young and very strong, he adores water and mud. He can suddenly pull very hard if he sees another dog and decides to say hello ( we have worked on this habit rather successfully😎 ). Sam allowed me to test the safety of the dog collars that I create 💪.

Step by step I created a design I really loved. Durable collar made with selected quality wooden beads and stainless steel hardware, cool, unisex, unique and absolutely safe to be used as an everyday collar. The quality of the collar was extremely important to me. I love my dog and his safety and comfort always comes first.

It took a while to find a suppliers that provided the best quality hardware and wooden beads, which resist heavy use and moisture. The results were tried and tested multiple times in the unpredictable Belgian weather conditions🌦!

I have also my much loved cat Marsy, my old buddy is 14 years old. Naturally I followed my beaded idea into cat collars also. Which has resulted in a collection of soft, light & comfortable beaded cat collars, hand made using a macrame technique.

Firstly I made several dog collars and cat collars for my friends' pets, I got a lot of positive reactions.   People began to often ask me where did I buy the collar that my own dog was wearing... Bit by bit I came to the idea of my own brand of hand made collars for pets. So the story of handcrafted beaded CollarCrafts pet collars began. :)

CollarCrafts beaded pet collars are 100% functional. They are luxury pet collars but durable and can be perfectly used as every-day-collars. More detailed information please read in "About our dog collars" and "About our cat collars".

If you would like to share some advice or order the beaded style pet collar you didn't find in my store yet - please contact me: olga@collarcrafts.com or via the contact-form

Thank you for shopping by!