Which type of closure to choose?

There are three options: 

  1. "O"-ring style 
  2. Martingale
  3. With a buckle lock


    1. "O"-RING style

    Will give more of a "necklace" look with the beads joining up at a single ring. This type of collar can be used as a tag collar or as a regular collar. 


    Allows for a slight shortening and lengthening. This collar gives more control over your dog without shocking impact. Also, this one is highly recommended for dogs who have almost or no difference in between head and neck sizes, or who has the habit to slip out of their regular collar.  For the best control over your dog, martingale should be placed at the top of the neck of your dog, just behind the ears.  

    More detailed over Martingale please read in our article "What is martingale"

    3. BUCKLE

    The buckle styled collars are for those who prefer more classic closure.

    We use the best quality Alu-Max™ patented aluminum high-quality buckles in our dog collars. They are twice as strong as most plastic buckles on the market today, and much lighter than metal buckles. For more details please see the article "Buckles we use".